Daffodil Art Activities

Updated February 21, 2017

After a long, snowy winter, daffodils are one of the first flowers to sprout, bringing their sunshiny promise of spring to the grey grounds just starting to turn green. Their hardiness and brightness inspire artists of all skills and abilities, from children to adults. Pick any one of the more than 25,000 varieties of daffodils in yellow, white, orange and peach and let it inspire artistic activities.

Art Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can make three-dimensional pictures of daffodils. Give preschoolers two yellow paper cupcake liners. Have them flatten one and then glue the circle of the second one to the circle of the first one. Let them glue buttons or put stickers in the centre. Cut out for them a long stem and petals out of green construction paper that they can then glue onto another sheet of construction paper with the two cupcake liners at the top. You also can have them make daffodils by dipping a thumb into paint and then pressing it down several times in a circle on a piece of paper to make a daffodil-shaped flower. Let them draw in the stems and petals.

Art Ideas for Elementary-Aged Children

As their manual dexterity increases, older children are able to create more complex arts and crafts pieces. Elementary children can make daffodils out of cardboard egg carton cups that they paint with poster paint. They can glue the cardboard egg carton cup to yellow construction paper and cut out the petals of the flower. Roll up a piece of green construction paper to attach to the flower and make leaves to attach to the stem. Another project would be to get a daffodil rubber stamp and stamp multicoloured daffodils across a sun visor for wearable art.

Art Ideas for Teens

Teens can make their own wearable fashion art using daffodils as a motif. For a teen with sewing ability, heavy yellow fabric can be cut into the shape of a daffodil and three-quarters of the edges sewn together. The flowers can be sewn to a purse strap done in green to suggest a stem. A teen who is adept at making jewellery can combine yellow and orange beads to make the shape of a daffodil for a beaded pin or a pair of earrings.

Art Ideas for Adults

Home decor offers many possibilities for adults who want to create daffodil-inspired art. Paint daffodils on the outside of wine glasses for a spring holiday dinner or get even fancier and make Ukrainian eggs with daffodil designs. Paint a paper bag and then cut it in petal shapes that are bent back with a glass candle holder and candle set in the middle to act as daffodil votives on the table. Daffodils also can be used as the central motif for artists who work in stained glass, quilts, still-life painting, bead and wire work or yarn.

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