Catering Display Ideas for Chocolates & Truffles

Written by katelyn coyne | 13/05/2017
Catering Display Ideas for Chocolates & Truffles
Guest will go wild for your display of chocolate truffles. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

No catering buffet is complete without delectable desserts. Chocolate truffles are a velvety and smooth treat that come in a variety of flavours. "Wow!" your guests with a chocolate truffle dessert display for the ages. Be creative and flexible as you try various options for presenting a table of confectionery treats.

Fresh Linens

Consider the colour of your truffles when choosing buffet linens. Choose colours that complement the appearance of the truffle and cue people into the deliciousness of these chocolate bombs. The most popular choices of linen are cotton, polyester and vinyl. Choose something that's easily washed but elegant. Keep in mind that black linens may be the good choice, as food stains (guaranteed to appear as the party rolls on) will not show.

Buffet Organization

As a rule, the dessert table should come at the end of the buffet. When people arrive at the truffle table, keep in mind the amazement factor. All the food displays at your event should be works of art that represent the tastes people are about to enjoy. When it comes to displaying chocolate truffles, elegance and luxury are key. Since dessert is typically the last course, be sure your guests are left "oohing" and "ahing" over how your sweet treats look...and taste.


Use display stands to create various levels on your table that result in visual variety. Try to create up to four different levels, staggering them from the front to the back of the table to create a stair-step visual, or create seemingly random levels to add interest. If you don't have access to display stands, you can use boxes of different sizes (like shoeboxes) to create different levels, covering them with tablecloths.

Keep it Clean

Be mindful that you do want to keep your dessert table organised and clean. It's important not to overload your chocolate truffle display with too much decor, too many chocolates or too many levels. Subtlety is an art, and you can easily cross the line from being elegant and classy to cheap and cheesy if you aren't careful.

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