Cute Things to Put on a CD Case

After you put a collection of songs or photos onto your CD or movies or vacation footage onto a DVD it's time to decorate the case. Decorating your case is a fun way to personalise your CD or DVD. You have several options for how to do it. You can put whatever captures your fancy onto this small blank canvas. Go grand, artsy, literal, natural -- or cute.

Pretty Paint

Paint the CD case. Use a paint that's designed for plastic so your art will last. If you're blessed with artistic talents, paint a cute little baby animal. Suggestions include kittens, panda cubs and frolicking lambs. If you're not artistically inclined, go with something that's still cute but less difficult to paint such as angels or tiny teacups. And if you're not an artist at all, opt for simple-to-paint subjects that even novices can handle. Choose stars, hearts, flowers or smiley faces.

Stellar Stickers

Stickers will add a cute element to your CD case. Stickers are a fun option because they are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and themes. Choose a theme that corresponds with what's in the case. For a CD of vacation photos, use camping stickers or 4th of July stickers, for example. For a country music CD, use cowboy stickers. For a party, use birthday, Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day stickers.

Picturesque Pictures

Use pictures that you think are cute. Use a shot of Fido as a puppy, a favourite vacation picture or a photo of Grandpa cuddling the baby. Print it out on photo paper and glue or tape it to the CD case. Another option is decoupaging on several photos. Decoupaging is the technique of gluing on several layers of paper, or photos in this case, to create an eye-catching end result. Cut several images from magazines or illustrations from an old book and d├ęcoupage them onto on the case.

Perfect Poetry

Put on your writer hat and compose some poetry. Keep it short so it will fit on the CD case without looking crowded. Compose a cute little haiku: "This CD's music / Always makes me think of you / Wish you were here." Write a funny, cutesy limerick: ""These pictures from our last vacation / Show that we were dancing sensations / We danced jazz, tap, swing / Folk and all sorts of things / And our mamba caused much elation." Use a permanent marker in your favourite colour to neatly print your poem onto the CD case.

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