Mother of the Groom Styles

Traditionally, the mother of the groom purchases her dress or suit after the mother of the bride purchases hers so that they do not have similar outfits. But this tradition still leaves open many options. As the mother of the groom, represent yourself in style as you walk down the aisle.

The Dress

Dress up your look by wearing a dress that coordinates but does not compete with the bridal party. Mother of the groom dresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any style and taste. Younger mothers of the groom can choose a dress that shows their young age, but not distastefully. The bride or groom should be consulted prior to purchasing a dress that may be deemed "young." Traditionally, a mother of the groom dress is floor-length, cut appropriately, with a shoulder shawl and a coordinating wedding colour.

Suit with Skirt

Dress up a suit by wearing a skirt instead of trousers. A more conservative choice, the skirt suit may consist of a knee- or floor-length skirt with a matching tailored blazer. The outfit can be purchased in virtually any colour and may include a pattern or shine to the fabric. Pair the suit with a coordinating undershirt and matching heels to complement the outfit. When in doubt about what colour or style of pantsuit to choose, consult the bride or groom.

Pants Suit

Take a walk on the traditional side with a pants suit. The pants suit is essentially a pair of fantastic fitting trousers with a matching tailored jacket. If tailored trousers are not your style, opt for a pair of wide-leg, loosefitting trousers. Wide-leg trousers, or gaucho trousers, consist of two layers of material. The trousers are typically cut to give an illusion of a long skirt but with the coverage of trousers.


Accessorise your outfit to add detail. Weddings are a time to bring out heirlooms and special pieces of jewellery that have meaning behind them, such as an old necklace that belonged to a grandmother or an engagement ring from a favourite aunt. If the wedding is outside, consider wearing a hat for the event. Other appropriate accessories include gloves, scarves and brooches.

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