Birthday Gift for a 30 Year Old Boyfriend

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning 30 years old is a big deal to most men. The thought of getting older and no longer having the same energy as a 20-year-old can make any man turning 30 sigh with frustration. While there is not a way to turn back the clock, there are gifts that may help turning 30 better. Turn your boyfriend's birthday into something to celebrate and laugh about with gifts he can enjoy and appreciate, as well as remember.

Media Gift

Give your 30-year-old boyfriend hours of entertainment with the gift of media that he can enjoy on his downtime or while out running errands. Select DVDs that are of interest to your boyfriend, such as comedy, action, drama or independent films. Allow your boyfriend to choose his favourite songs from MP3 download sites with an MP3 gift card. If he prefers to own his own music and listen to it in the car or at home, purchase music CDs of his favourite artist from a department or music store.

Electronic Gift

Pair media gifts with an electronic gift to complete the birthday package. Give your 30-year-old boyfriend an MP3 player and noise-cancelling headphones, allowing him to enjoy his music without interruption from outside noise. Give a boyfriend who loves to read a portable e-reader, along with a gift card to download his favourite books anytime. Buy a boyfriend who loves sports and television shows a portable digital television so he can watch sports during his lunch hour, at a tailgate party or while camping outdoors.

Auto Gift

Most 30-year-old men have a hobby that involves tools, such as building or fixing cars. Give your boyfriend a gift card to his favourite hardware store to purchase a new set of tools to add to his toolbox. Visit a local auto store or retail store to buy your boyfriend a new interior car set with seat and wheel covers, as well as printed floor mats. Purchase a decorative number plate from a website, such as Auto Plates, to complete the auto gift.

Event Tickets Gift

Surprise a boyfriend who is turning 30 with tickets to a large event that both of you can attend. Sports are a common event that men like to watch. Rather than purchasing tickets to a season game, surprise your boyfriend with tickets to the NFL Superbowl game in the winter or men's NCAA basketball championship game in the spring. Astonish a comic fan with tickets to Comic-Con in the summer, or to one of NASCAR's championship racing events in the fall.

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