Art ideas for empty liquor bottles

Updated April 17, 2017

Whenever you have a wine sampling or social gathering, you likely have a few empty liquor bottles laying around waiting to be recycled. Instead of putting them alongside the curb for the dustman to pick up, use the durable glass bottles in a variety of projects to decorate your home.

Tiki Torches

You can create mounted tiki torches from any empty long-necked liquor bottle. Wash out the inside of the bottle thoroughly and remove the exterior label. Wrap the end of a 1/2 inch coupling with Teflon tape until it fits snugly inside the mouth of your bottle. Insert a wick into the coupling until it sticks out about 1/4 of an inch. Fill the bottle with torch fuel, preferably one with citronella to keep away bugs, before inserting the wick and coupling. The wick should go the whole way into the bottle. The neck of the bottle is placed into a split ring hanger. Mount the hanger onto a rod, and then screw it into a plate connector. Once the sun goes down, light your torch for continued enjoyment.

Twinkling Lights

You can also make small lights for your deck or bedroom. Remove any exterior labels for a cleaner appearance. Thoroughly wash the inside of your liquor bottle before creating these inexpensive and creative lights. Carefully drill a hole large enough for bulbs into the bottom of the liquor bottle. Then carefully string LED Christmas lights into the bottle, through the hole. White bulbs give off the most light when inside the bottle. Leave the plug outside the bottle, along with enough of the light strand to reach the plug. Cover the hole in the bottle with duct tape to keep the lights securely inside the bottle.

Wind Chimes

A creative wind chime can be made from empty wine bottles. Thoroughly wash out any cylindrical wine bottles. Use a glass cutter to carefully cut rings out of the glass bottles. Drill small holes directly through the rings. Cut extra rings in case of splitting when you drill these holes. Hang the chimes from a wooden circle, with four holes drilled around the edge and one hole drilled into the centre. Thread metal wire through the holes in three of the rings. Place the wire into the holes in the wooden circle and tie them off. Thread a wooden dowel rod onto a metal wire and into the centre hole, leaving extra wire to create a ring for hanging. Use a crimping bead to hold the loop and dowel rod in place.

Message in a Bottle

Leave a special message for a significant other. Clean out a colourful liquor bottle for the bottle and remove the label. While the bottle is drying, write a heartfelt message onto parchment paper. Place bath salts or confetti inside the bottle once dry. Roll up the message and tie with a decorative ribbon. Seal the bottle with a cork and tie a bow with a decorative ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Cover your bathroom with rose petals, and surround your message in a bottle with romantic candles.

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