Valentine Window Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

If you're a business owner looking for some fresh ideas to draw customers into your shop around Valentine's Day, consider decorating your shop windows with a Valentine's Day-related theme. The day of love and romance only happens once a year, and for those seeking a gift for their special someone, your display should exclaim that you have what they need. A creative and thoughtful display might just translate into product sales.


Buy a box of heart-shaped valentine cards and set up a sign that invites passersby to write a love note inside the cards for their own valentine. When they've finished their notes, tape the cards to the display window. This works best during the days prior to that special day. Invite customers to read the love notes left on the window by previous customers. This is an interactive way to invite your customers to leave a piece of themselves behind for others.

Subliminal Messages

Fill a few of your shopping bags with items from your store and be sure to make the items visible from outside the window. This sends window shoppers a subliminal message of the possibilities of what they can buy in your store. The shopping bag helps them imagine carrying those items out of your store. Write "Happy" on one bag, "Valentine's" on a second and "Day" on a third. Place them in order and stagger their heights to add dimension to the showcase. Use ribbons and candies to litter the floor of the display for a finishing touch.


Set up a male and a female mannequin in the window and dress them in items sold in your store. Even if you don't sell clothing, dress them and position them so they look like they're holding hands. You're trying to sell the idea of being in love. Anything that catches the eye of a passer-by is noteworthy. Tie a heart-shaped balloon that says "I Love You" around the wrist of the girl mannequin to get the point across.


Use varying shades of pink and red paper as a background to your display. Set your products in front of the display. Hang pieces of white, pink and red string from the roof of the showcase, dangling store knick-knacks. Set up a Valentine's Day sale sign in the centre of the window to advertise a two-for-one special or half off. Sale signs grab attention when other signs don't.

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