The advantages of faux leather

Faux leather, a man-made imitation of real leather, has not been relished as a favourite choice for upholstered living room furniture. But, the quality, durability and appearance of dramatically improved faux leathers have changed this inferior image. The result is a variety of faux leathers with a stunningly realistic leather look, minus the heavy price tag. Advantages of faux leather are worthy of your consideration in comparison with real leather.


A major advantage of faux leather is the cost. Real leather is considerably more expensive than faux leather. And, if you are considering several upholstered living room pieces, the savings can be significant in substituting faux leather for real leather. You can get the look of real leather without paying an exorbitant price tag.

Realistic Quality

Faux leather has been pleasantly modified and improved to reflect a visual appearance of real leather. Variations in grain, colour and textures have elevated the visual aspects of faux leather to a realistic leather quality. A variety of assorted animal and reptile prints are readily available as an option when choosing a faux leather.


Children and pets can scratch, scrape, scuff and scar real leather furniture, making unsightly marks. Adults sitting on a leather sofa can do the same with buttons, zippers and embellishments on their clothing. Faux leather is impervious to these potentially damaging items, and is manufactured to withstand the rough play of children and pets.

Easy Cleaning

Liquids that are spilt on faux leather furniture are easy to clean. A bit of detergent and water is usually all that is necessary to wipe away any type of drink spill. Since faux leather repels spilt liquids, in contrast to real leather that can absorb liquids, there are no spots or stains left on the furniture.

Go Green Movement

Since faux leathers are man-made fibres, utilising them in upholstering your furniture promotes the Go Green Movement. Without animal interaction, faux leathers are a humane alternative to achieving the rich leather look you desire, without harming the animals. You can feel good in doing your part to save the earth's resources and still have the look of real leather furniture.

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