Tattoo Ideas for Two Best Friends

Written by naomi vogel
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Tattoo Ideas for Two Best Friends
Get a tattoo with your best friend to show the world you are "BFF's." (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Getting a tattoo with a best friend can be a very rewarding experience. Make sure that this is a friend that you truly believe you will have for life; otherwise this tattoo will remind you of them. If they are, then form that special bond and show the world you are best friends forever.

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Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, according to Cute Tattoo Designs. You could each get a yellow rose tattooed on your wrist, ankle, back or arm to show that you are true friends. Make sure that you both like roses and the colour yellow before deciding on this design. To personalise it, you can each draw a part of the rose and perhaps even the background.

Inside Joke

Inside jokes are personal and secretive between just the two of you. They are something that are shared and bring reoccurring giggles. Even if you and your friend were to part ways, your tattoo of the inside joke will still bring you a giggle and remind you of the good old days. Nobody else will understand your tattoo. When people ask about it you might just want to respond, "It's an inside joke." This will keep the tattoo more personal between just you and your best friend.

Chinese Characters or Japanese Kanji

Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji or letters in other languages are a popular tattoo idea. You could get the word for friend tattooed on your arm, wrist, back, midriff, ankle or foot.

Yin and Yang

One of you could get a tattoo of Yin and the other of Yang. This will symbolise your opposite differences, but that you fit together perfectly in friendship.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is a great idea if you want to portray your eternal friendship. If you and your best friend have been friends for years and anticipate being forever friends then this is a great tattoo idea. This is especially a good idea for childhood friends who grew up together and remained close as adults.

Best Friend Heart Pieces

This is a typical design that has been used throughout the years for necklaces to symbolise best friends. Tattoo a heart piece each with one saying "Best" and the other saying "Friends." This is a straight forward idea that is meaningful.

Little Angel and Little Devil

If you have opposite personalities then one of you can get a cute cartoon angel on their shoulder and the other can get a cute cartoon devil on their other shoulder. This is particularly fitting if one of you is more innocent and naive and the other is more of a rebel and daredevil. The only problem with this is that people won't understand why someone has a devil tattooed on her shoulder. Although if she has a rebellious personality, then people might just shrug it off.

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