Valentine's Art & Craft Ideas for Children

Updated July 20, 2017

Help children celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun arts and crafts project. Arts and crafts are a great way to help take the focus off of the candy and treats which can be an overwhelming part of the holiday. Children can share their arts and crafts with their friends and family and can make a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Heart Wreath

Children can make a heart wreath that makes a great gift for a mother or grandparent. Cut out a heart using card stock or cardboard for children to use as a stencil. Have children trace and cut out hearts of various colours using construction paper. Use a paper plate as the backing for the heart wreath; cut out a hole in the centre of the plate to create a ring. Glue the paper hearts around the ring so that the plate is completely covered. Children can decorate the wreath with glitter, stickers or their own Valentine's Day messages.

Egg Carton Flowers

Children can make their own bouquets of flowers using egg cartons for a sweet and long-lasting gift. Cut apart a styrofoam egg carton to make use of the individual egg holder cups. Insert a mini cupcake liner inside each egg cup, then cut a hole through the middle. Insert a green pipe cleaner, which acts as the stem. String plastic beads to the end of the pipe cleaner that is inside the egg cup, then twist or tie the end of the pipe cleaner to secure it. Decorate a paper towel or toilet paper holder or plastic container for use as a vase. Place the pipe-cleaner flowers inthe vase for a completed egg-carton bouquet.

Heart Animals

Children can create their own animals using paper hearts. To create various animals they will need two different sizes of hearts, large and small, in colours including red, purple and pink. Make a paper butterfly by gluing a row of small hearts vertically, adding a large heart to either side and then adding pipe cleaners for antennae and a heart at the end of each one. Make a paper caterpillar or worm by gluing a long curving row of hearts together and drawing a face at one end. Make a heart fish by cutting out one medium and one large heart; glue the two hearts together at the tips to create the fish body and fish tail then cut out two smaller hearts and glue them to the sides of the large heart to create fish fins. Draw eyes and a mouth on the large heart for a fish face.

Card Holder

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a Valentine card holder. Make a Valentine card holder with an old coffee can. Decorate the outside of the can with paper, glitter and stickers. Write your name on the outside and cut a hole in the top so other students can place their Valentine cards in the can. Make a Valentine card holder using a shoebox and decorate the outside the same way you would the coffee can and cut a hole in the lid as well. Other options include a Valentine card holder that uses craft sticks to create a wooden box or make one with paper plates by cutting a paper plate in half and creating a pocket by gluing or stapling the two halves together.

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