Things to Do with Sequins

Updated February 21, 2017

Sequins come in every colour of the rainbow and can add shine to just about anything. Keep sequins on hand for craft projects and everyday decorating. If you have a glue gun and sequins, you can dazzle any item you may have that is in need of some perking up.


Kids like sparkly sequins, so let them have at it next time they are cutting and pasting. Sequins and glue can jazz up a crayon and construction paper picture, or add some interest to a bookmark, Valentine's Day card, photo album or scrapbook or door hanger. Provide kids with sequins of all colours next time they sit down at the table to do crafts, and they will have fun adding sparkle to everything they make.


That plain, boring sweater or T-shirt that has been relegated to the back of the closet could use a few sequins. With a needle and thread or a bit of fabric glue, liven up any clothing item with sequins. Your daughter's tutu, a pair of jeans or even a denim jacket can go from boring to glamorous with the addition of sequins.


Purchase some plastic flip-flops from a retailer and customise them by gluing sequins onto the straps and even around the base. Add some flair to a pair of sneakers by gluing sequins to the rubber parts of the shoe or spelling out your child's name along the side of the shoe. Any plain old pair of shoes can look new again with the addition of some sequins.


Make Christmas decorations come alive with the use of pretty sequins. Buy styrofoam balls and glue red and green sequins all over them to hang on the tree, or jazz up some ornaments you already have by adding sequins. Have kids cut out Christmas tree shapes from green card stock or construction paper and add sequins to look like the ornaments.


Take a plain baseball hat or cloth visor and embellish it with sequins using fabric glue or a hot glue gun. Make a patriotic hat using red, white and blue sequins, or a cute hat for your daughter, mixing pink and purple sequins or black and pink sequins. Create designs with the sequins or spell out initials.

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