What kind of jobs are there for disabled adults?

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many jobs that disabled people can do just as well as non-disabled people. Most of these jobs are those that do not require a great deal of physical strain. Many office jobs are ideal for physically disabled adults, while unskilled labour jobs are ideal for those with mental handicaps.

Work from home

Working from home can be ideal for people with physical disabilities. Not only do people with disabilities not have to walk around on the job, they don't even have to leave the house to go to work. There are many types of jobs that are ideal for people who want to work from home. Many call centres allow people to work from home as home-based agents. Freelance writers, graphic designers and programmers may work from home. There are many websites that allow people to find freelance work without even having to leave the house.

Office jobs

People with physical disabilities can work in offices. The best office jobs for people with disabilities are those that allow the individual to spend a lot of time at the desk and provide many office mobility supports (for example, elevators and wheelchair ramps). Office jobs include human resources management, professional services, such as law and accounting, and even engineering-related professions. Many employers in these industries are willing to accommodate disabled individuals.

Creative jobs

Creative people, such as artists and photographers, may be able to work in spite of physical disabilities. Painting, animation and musical composition are not jobs that require a great deal of mobility or physical exertion. Many people who paint or compose music are self-employed and make money by selling their creations or performing at shows. Creative writers, animators and video editors usually work in offices as part of a creative team, working on TV programmes or films.

Unskilled labour

Unskilled labour is one of the best types of jobs for people with mental disabilities. Jobs like shelf stocking, file organising and line cooking can be done by people who have mild amounts of mental impairment. These jobs usually require physical fitness, however, so they are not suitable for those with physical disabilities.

Government jobs

The government has many diversity hiring programs that aim to get disabled people into jobs. Most of these jobs are those that are suited to people with disabilities: office jobs for the physically disabled and labour jobs for the mentally handicapped. The civil service has officers in place to ensure that disabled persons are given the opportunity to find work with the government, and that discriminated persons are not discriminated against in the hiring process.

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