Can I sew two area rugs together?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you can't find the look you want in a single, large area rug or the cost of the rug you need is too expensive for your budget, you can sew two smaller area rugs together to create one large area rug to cover the space. Area rugs can be sewn or bound together in a number of different ways, depending on the type of rugs you've combined. For a finished product that looks even and the same, only sew together two rugs of the same type. For instance, a wool rug can be bound together with another wool rug, but a wool rug and a rag rug cannot be put together.

Rag Rugs

For a fun, contemporary look and an area rug that's fairly easy to clean, combine two or more rag rugs to make a single large area rug. To complete the project, purchase a large needle and rug yarn in the colour of your choice from your local craft supply store. Stitch the rugs together making a horizontal stitch from one to the other to pull the rugs together loosely. Do not overlap the rugs as this can create an undesired lump or high spot in the overall rug.

Fabric Rugs

Like rag rugs, fabric rugs are combined by simply stitching the two rugs together. However, if the fabric is thin enough, you can overlap two fabric rugs by about an inch and stitch the two rugs together using a straight vertical stitch. Sew the two pieces together the way you would any other fabric, and bend the fabric back and iron it down to keep a lump from forming.

Wool Rugs

If you have two wool rugs you wish to bind indefinitely, you can bind them together after removing the edge binding. To begin, simply cut away the edge binding on the side of each rug where you plan to bind the rugs together with a pair of scissors, which will reveal the grid on which the rugs are created. Cut away any excess grid that is not covered with wool. Position the two rugs next to each other. Stitch the two rugs together through the grid of each rug using rug yarn. Tie off the ends and flip the rug over to complete the project.

Other Binding Methods

If you don't have time to bind the rug together forever, use a simple glue adhesive to bind rag rugs together. For wool rugs, remove the binding on the edge. Position the rugs next to each other, and simply duct tape the back from one edge to the other. Multiple rows of duct tape may need to be applied to create a tight binding. Smooth the tape as you are applying it to avoid creating unwanted lumps in the surface of your rug.

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