Ideas for my wife's birthday present

Updated April 17, 2017

It isn't always easy to pick out the right gift for your wife on her birthday, especially if it's a milestone birthday where she may be expecting something a bit special. There are a variety of birthday gift ideas that you can select from for your wife, one of which is sure to fit her personality and interests.

Night Out on the Town

While a night at the symphony isn't everyone's cup of tea, many women do enjoy some form of theatrical or musical entertainment. Whether you purchase tickets to a classical concert, play or a Grateful Dead impersonators group (because she's a dedicated Deadhead), a night out full of entertainment with a romantic dinner can be the ideal gift for your better half.

Time to Relax

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for your spouse is one that demonstrates to her that you appreciate how much she does for your and your family. A day pass to a spa or a basket full of spa products can be the perfect gift to go along with a day of relaxation. If your wife has said she rarely has time to herself, take the kids out for the afternoon and return with a gourmet dinner from her favourite restaurant.

Antique Jewelry

Opt for a pair of antique pearl earrings, perhaps with a necklace to match, or an antique (or antique-looking) locket for her birthday. If you're not sure what type of piece to buy, ask her best girlfriend to help you pick it out. Another way to select the right piece of jewellery for your wife is to look at the type of jewellery she actually wears. Don't judge based on what she owns, since many women keep jewellery given to them even if they hate it. Present the jewellery you've purchased in a nice gift box.

Road/Shopping Trip

For a truly special birthday surprise for your wife, take the day off and take her on a road trip. The type of road trip you plan can be adjusted to fit your schedule and other criteria; for example, you may decide to turn a birthday celebration into a weekend getaway to ski resort or New England bed-and-breakfast. Another road trip idea is to take your wife into the city for a day of shopping, taking the time to see the sites and have lunch at a nice restaurant or a corner bistro.

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