Cool things to put in your room

Updated February 21, 2017

Perhaps your room needs a bit of a makeover and you want to bring in some items that transform it into a cool, hip and comfy haven. Ultimately, what makes the room cool is putting your own style and passion into its design. Think carefully about what activities you do in your room and bring in items that make doing those things comfortable. Keep an inspiration book with fabric swatches, pictures or anything visual that you may want to incorporate into your room.

Things That Help You Relax

Make your room look cool with a nook or area specifically designed for relaxing and resting. Place a chaise, armchair or comfy bench near a window or patio door. Arrange some flowers or plants around the space for a fresh look and to provide better air quality. Place a small rock garden or water fountain on the windowsill or a side table for a soothing sound. Fold a comfortable throw or quilt over your chair. Put a small bookcase close by to create a reading nook or leave some floorspace open nearby for a place to do yoga stretches.

Dramatic Pieces

Cool rooms often have one or more pieces that pull your visual focus in some direction. It may be a vintage headboard upholstered in rich fabric, a parasol refashioned as a pendant lamp shade or a wall mural. Look for ways to change what you already have in your room with a coat of paint, new upholstery or new accessories or embellishments, like a crystal doorknob or glass drawer pulls. Bringing in pieces not traditionally found in bedrooms also provides a pleasing surprise. Spray paint a vintage chandelier black or peacock blue and hang it over the bed.

Things That Break Up the Space

Rooms that seem cool use space well, and that means breaking it up to create a nook for each activity. Use a short bookcase and place it perpendicular to the wall to separate your reading nook or lounge or study area. If you're worried about the space looking too cramped, use a case with open shelves -- no backing or sides. This gives you the freedom to display accent pieces, books or media, define a separate space and unify the entire room, since you can still see what's beyond the bookcase. For an elegant touch, place a privacy screen near your dressing area. Area rugs define space as well.

Things That Reflect Your Interests

Bring something out of the ordinary into your room by using your hobbies and interests as inspiration. If you love calligraphy, give your dresser a fresh coat of paint and write phrases on it in curvy handwriting: "Unmentionables" for the underwear drawer or "Tootsies" for the sock drawer. If you're a musician, focus on creating a space for making and playing music with comfortable seating, a music library and area to store and display instruments. Refashion an old amp as a nightstand or a side table.

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