Morningstar Vegetarian Foods

Updated April 17, 2017

A 2008 study called "Vegetarianism in America" showed there are approximately 7.3 million adult vegetarians in America, which is around 3.2 per cent of the entire population. Morningstar Farms is a company dedicated to making speciality vegetarian foods to be eaten as an alternative to meat. Morningstar foods can be found in the frozen section of larger supermarkets and natural health food stores.


Morningstar Farms offers a wide range of meat-free burgers. These include garden veggie patties, featuring carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers and other garden vegetables; Asian patties, which contain bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and Asian spices; tomato and basil pizza burgers, with tomato, mozzarella, basil, red peppers and mushrooms; and chipotle black bean burgers, made with roasted corn, black beans and chipotle peppers. Morningstar also makes several other varieties of burgers and patties.


Vegetarians needn't be left out at breakfast time. Several vegetarian breakfast products are made by Morningstar Farms. The company offers sausage patties in regular, organic, maple-flavoured, and hot and spicy varieties. In addition, you can buy meat-free bacon, sausages and filled biscuits. The biscuits are stuffed with egg, cheese and either vegetarian sausage or vegetarian bacon.


Morningstar's "chik'n" products are meat-free chicken-style foods. They're designed to have a texture and flavour similar to that of real chicken. Chik'n comes in nuggets, breaded and plain patties, fingers, and buffalo wing style. These products are great for vegetarians who miss eating chicken and want a realistic alternative. They can be eaten as a snack or an entrée, in salads or sandwiches.


The vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular due to questionable ethics in egg and dairy farming practices and also for health and environmental reasons. Morningstar offers a range of vegan food, completely free of all animal-derived products. Vegan products include plain chik'n patties, chik'n strips, BBQ hickory riblets and vegan veggie burgers. Ready-made vegan entrées include sesame chik'n and sweet and sour chik'n.

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