What is the appropriate gift for a 16th wedding anniversary?

Updated February 21, 2017

A 16th wedding anniversary does not have the sentiment and significance of other anniversaries, such as the 25th or 50th. However, it is still a celebration of marriage and has traditional gifts associated with the 16th year. You do not have to follow the suggested gifts, as anything that celebrates a couple's love and commitment will be good gifts.


If you want to follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift in the form of jewellery, then a 16th anniversary calls for peridot. The item of jewellery can be anything, as long as this gemstone is part of the design. The peridot gem is created from volcanic rock and is found in shades of green. Peridot rings, cuff links and earrings for a loved one are excellent anniversary gifts.


Another traditional gift for the 16th wedding anniversary is silver holloware. Silver holloware consists of serving dishes such as teapots, soup tureen and coffee pots that are all made of silver. These pieces do not have to be ones that are only used for company, so choose something that can be used daily. If the couple uses candles, then a silver candleholder is appropriate.


Take special memories of your partner or the couple over the 16 years of marriage and create a scrapbook with these photos. You can create a paper scrapbook or a digital one. Scrapbooks can be done as video clips or a series of music. This is your chance to be creative and break out the arts and crafts. Use special moments throughout the couples married life, including birth of children, moving, special celebrations, vacations and other moments. If you choose a digital version of the scrapbook then you can add music that is also special to the couple as the scrapbook plays on the TV or screen.


Flowers are another type of traditional anniversary gift, though there are no flowers that are specific to the 16th anniversary. If you want to signify your 16th anniversary then purchasing a bouquet that contains 16 flowers is appropriate. Flowers are also an excellent option for those that may live far away, as you can easily have flowers delivered.

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