Sasuke Dress Up Games

Updated April 07, 2017

Playing online dress up games is a great way for kids to experiment with their sense of style and fashion. If your kids are fans of the animated series Naruto, they can bring the game to life by dressing up the main character, Sasuke, in any of the fun outfits he sports in the show.

Sasuke Dress-Up

In "Sasuke Dress-Up," which can be found on the Deviant Art website, you get to choose a brand new look for a Sasuke doll. Click on the various clothing pieces on the left-hand side of the game screen to drag and position them onto Sasuke's body. Add on facial features to design his expression and include accessories like throwing stars, samurai swords, and fire breath. Don't forget the iconic Naruto headband to complete your outfit!

Naruto Sasuke and Gaara Dress Up

In "Naruto Sasuke and Gaara Dress Up," offered by the PictoGame website, you get to play stylist for Naruto, Sasuke or Gaara, using the wardrobe of clothing options on the right-hand side of the screen. Click the faces at the top of the screen to pick out your character, then click to drag and drop each clothing piece on to their body. Choose from sweeping capes to casual T-shirts to create your perfect look for Sasuke.

Dressup Sasuke

"Dressup Sasuke," which is hosted on the Dress Up Style gaming website, is another fun Sasuke dress-up game, where you're in charge of designing an all-new outfit for the Naruto character. Click each article of clothing from the collection on the right-hand side of the page to drag, drop and position it in place on Sasuke's body to create your look. Finish your outfit with shoes, gloves, a headband and a cloak to complete the style.

Sakura and Sasuke

In "Sakura and Sasuke," which can be found on the Gamers Enterprise website, you get to set the scene for Sakura and Sasuke by dressing them up in their classic looks from Naruto. Move the big wardrobe aside to see the clothing options, then click to drag and drop the clothing pieces onto their bodies. You can move the characters and objects around the room to put together your perfect scene for Sakura and Sasuke.

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