Paper Plate Teddy Bear Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Paper plate teddy bear crafts highlight the sweet nature that make these bears appealing to children. Host teddy bear crafts for small children at any time during the year or focus on a specific teddy bear theme around particular holidays or events. A spring bear craft can work as the weather begins to warm up. Young children might need help crafting these bears.

Teddy Bear Face Mask

Encourage the kids to make a teddy bear face mask out of paper plates. Show them how to paint a large paper plate light brown. Cut out teddy bear ears from brown construction paper and glue this on the top of the plate. Help the kids cut out eyes and a mouth with black construction paper. Then help them cut out a red nose as a finishing touch. Glue a Popsicle stick on the bottom half of the back of the mask as a handle for the mask.

Giant Teddy Bear

Show the children how to make a giant teddy bear out of paper plates. Give the children a large paper plate for the teddy bear's body and a smaller paper plate for its head. Help them paint both plates light or dark brown. Once the paint is dry, tape the smaller plate on top of the larger torso plate. Help the kids cut out arms, legs, ears and eyes from brown and black construction paper. Glue on the bear's ears and other features. Cut out a red nose and place this on the middle of the bear's face.

Paper Plate Teddy Bear Collage

Help the children paint large paper plates light brown. Once the paint is dry, help the kids glue brown craft fur around the border of the plate. Then show them how to adorn each plate with smaller paper teddy bears or teddy bear stickers. They can cut the smaller teddy bears out with scissors and construction paper. Stickers work best for smaller children who have difficulty cutting.

Teddy Bear Landscape

Help the children make teddy bears and a forest landscape on paper plates. Give each child a paper plate and help them paint trees and small teddy bears among the landscape. They can also paint a house for the bears and flowers, sunshine or other features seen on a landscape.

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