Ideas for Decorating a Boy's Room in Motocross

Updated February 21, 2017

The origins of motocross can be traced back to 1924 when the first British off-road motorbike event took place. The sport has continuously evolved from that first race, and obstacles were soon added to the track. Several forms of motocross have since developed from these original races, including Supercross that's held in a stadium and freestyle motocross whereby riders perform their own tricks. Create a cool themed bedroom for boy by taking inspiration from these motocross events, and base the decor around motocross bikes, riders, obstacles, tacks, stadium and tricks.

Wallpaper and Wall Stickers

Cover the walls with motocross patterned wallpaper, boarders or stickers. Use the wallpaper on all four walls or on one wall to create a feature. Borders are a subtler alternative to wallpaper, and wall stickers are a nonpermanent form of decoration that can be replaced if outgrown.


Paint a motocross mural on one or all of the walls. The mural can be a single image that stretches around all the walls or a series of individual images. Paint a life-size motocross bike or a motocross race across the walls, or separate images of motocross bikes and accessories.

Furniture and Storage

Choose furniture and storage that matches the motocross theme. Paint furniture to look like it's part of the motocross track scenery, such as rocks, trees and stone walls. Alternatively, pick out the colours that are used in your wallpaper or mural, and paint the furniture using this colour scheme. Paint motocross images on things like the desk, wardrobe and drawers to make main pieces of furniture stand out.


Accessorise bare floorboards and plain carpets with a rug. Pick a colour that matches the wall and furniture colours, or choose a rug that has a motocross image on it.

Pictures and Posters

Hang motocross pictures and posters on the walls. Use photos and paintings that depict races, motocross bikes or freestyle riding. Pin them to a corkboard if you don't want to mark the room's paint or wallpaper.


Choose accessories that match the colours used throughout the room. Use matching bedding and curtains that have motocross images on them. Place models of motocross bikes on shelves around the room, and use things such as helmets to accessorise the desk or bedside table. Keep other accessories like lights simple so that they don't detract from the motocross theme.

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