Christian Singles Ministry Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A singles ministry is a place designed for single men and women in your church. The ministry can host events and schedule activities that get singles involved in the community in and outside of the church. Regularly schedule activities for social interaction as well as spiritual growth for the people in your ministry.

Bible Studies

Schedule Bible studies on different nights of the week to offer more opportunities for people to study the Bible together. Ask people who have been a part of the singles ministry for a long period of time to consider leading a Bible study. The studies can be single sex or co-ed. Besides the weekly studies, plan social events for the groups as well. The small group may suit some people more than larger group activities.


Don't plan on attending only singles conferences. Everyone in your singles ministry shouldn't feel that all they are until they get married is single. Singles should attend any conference that will help them mature in their faith no matter what their marital status. If you have to travel long distances to the conference, consider carpooling to the conference. Try to have meals together. You want to prevent anyone from feeling left out of the group. Community is important to every ministry.

Group Meals

Break bread with people from your singles ministry. Host an event once or twice a month at your home or ask for volunteers to open up their homes. Set a theme each month to avoid having the same food served each time. Consider planning breakfast for dinner, or holding a chilli cook-off or potluck for your events. Not only is this an opportunity for people to get to know each other, but also you can invite those who are gifted in hospitality to serve.

Service Projects

Plan events that give back to the community. The singles ministry can take charge of existing service projects at your church or start a new one. Schedule meetings leading up to the event to brainstorm ideas and assign tasks. Working toward a common goal will help strengthen and encourage relationships in the singles ministry.

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