Easy Ideas for Celebrities for a Teen Female to Dress Up As

Updated March 23, 2017

When it comes time for a teen girl to choose a costume, celebrities are a popular choice, whether for their glamour, eccentric style or simple coolness. Although the celebrities need hours to pull off their style, you don't need nearly as long to imitate it -- just a big imagination and a sense of fun.

Movie and TV Characters

Some celebrities are more famous for their characters' styles than their own. To copy Emma Stone's character in "Easy A," wear tight black trousers and black sunglasses, along with a black corset with a red "A" sewn onto the left breast. You could wear a single-hued tracksuit and a short blond wig to become Sue Sylvester from "Glee." You could also try Snooki from "Jersey Shore." All you need is a low-cut, short black dress, lots of bronzer, a long black wig with a hair volumizer and a mocktail in your hand.


Imitate the style of some of the fashion world's leaders. Wear a long black wig, smoky eye make-up and bronzer. Find a tight, fashionable dress and put a butt-enhancer in it to become Kim Kardashian. Or dress up as Victoria Beckham: Wear a short black dress, shiny black pumps, a pixie wig, oversized dark sunglasses and a disdainful pout. Carry a tote and keep your hands on your hips as much as possible with lots of attitude. You could also go as boho-chic Mary Kate Olsen. Wear torn leggings, moccasins, an oversized skirt and T-shirt, dark make-up, a crimped blond wig and sunglasses.


For a super-simple costume idea, wear cut-off denim shorts, a T-shirt and calf-high padded boots. Put your hair in a messy bun and wear sunglasses to be Britney Spears out on a fast-food run. You could also put temporary streaks of neon pink and green in your hair; wear a tight, neon-coloured dress and bright make-up. and be Nicki Minaj. Or try Lady Gaga: You'll need white knee-high boots, a cut-out white leotard, black fishnet stockings, a white lace glove and a curly blond wig.

Political Figures

A skirt, blazer, high bun, heels and reading glasses are all you need to become Sarah Palin for the day. You could also go as Michelle Obama at the 2009 presidential inauguration. Wear a white one-shoulder gown, fake diamond jewellery and a shoulder-length black wig. Or try Jackie Onassis Kennedy in the 1960s. Wear a three-quarter-length jacket and matching skirt and pillbox hat, oversized sunglasses, white gloves and pearls. Carry a small tote and wear your fringe sideswept.

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