The Best Dog Breed for Low Shedding & Smell

An important consideration when choosing a breed of dog for your household is whether or not shedding is an issue for you, If it is, there are many breeds that do not shed their coats and have low odour. Some of these breeds have extremely short coats that are almost maintenance-free and others that do not shed, but do require professional grooming.


The dachshund is an appealing breed which comes in three different coats, smooth, wire, and long. They shed very little. The three coats require little attention other than an occasional bath and brushing. These dogs lick their coats keeping themselves very clean and have no dog odour which make them well suited for people with allergies. This breed comes in three sizes, standard, miniature and toy. They love to play and are devoted to their owners.


One of the most fastidious dog breed is the basenji. This is a good choice for an owner who is concerned with the cleanliness of their dog. They lick their coats clean, much like a cat, and have no odour. Their coat requires very little attention and they are considered to be hypoallergenic. This is not a dog, however, for all households. They are very active and love to chew. They are best with older children.


The poodle is one of the most intelligent breeds and does not shed. They have a dense woolly coat which most pet owners choose to keep clipped short to minimise trips to the groomer. They do not have an odour, but they will need frequent bathing due to the oil that builds up in their coats. The poodle is an athletic and active dog which is easily trained. The breed comes in the standard size, miniature and toy which range from 4.54kg. to 29.5kg.

Boston Terriers

The Boston terrier is a small dog with a very short coat which is sheds very little. The only maintenance they require is a rubdown with a towel a few times a week and an occasional bath. Their coat is nearly odour-free. Although not a terrier as their dog implies, they are members of the non-sporting group. The Boston is a delightful breed which is comical to watch and is devoted to its family.

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