Confirmation gifts for teenage girls

Written by theresa pickett | 13/05/2017
Confirmation gifts for teenage girls
Your thoughtful gift demonstrates your love and support. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Purchasing a confirmation gift for a teenage girl is a special task. Encourage the love that the girl has for Jesus Christ with a thoughtful item. Your gift should be a keepsake that the girl can treasure for years to come.


Teenage girls may appreciate religion-inspired jewellery. Patron saint medals can be ornate as well as simple and inexpensive. A cross necklace can remind the girl of the cross the Jesus bore for her sins. Or get a confirmation bracelet to memorialise this special day. Alternatively, purchase a sterling silver cross locket that can contain pictures of the girl going through her confirmation.


Catholic confirmation students learn the rosary to strengthen their bond with Christ. The rosary permits the girl to recite prayers important to her faith, including "Glory Be to the Father," "Hail Mary," "Our Father" and the "Apostles' Creed." Purchase a rosary in the girl's favourite colour or just get a standard brown wooden rosary. Some rosaries come with a dove-shaped centre to symbolise the peace that Christ brings.


Frames can memorialise the girl's confirmation day. Have a silver frame engraved with the girl's name as well as her confirmation date. Or purchase a personalised cross album so the girl has a special place to keep a set of Confirmation photos.

Less Common Ideas

Choose a gift that will stand out from other gifts. For instance, a confirmation pillowcase can be embroidered with the name of the girl as well as her confirmation date. Or give a bouquet of flowers, including calla lilies and roses in vibrant red. Board games, such as Outburst (Bible edition) and Scattergories (Catholic edition), are a humorous idea that can keep the girl entertained.

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