Easy ways to decorate wedding pillars

Updated April 17, 2017

Wedding decorations not only cost money, but take time to complete. If you are decorating your own wedding reception, then you need fast and easy wedding decorations that still look the part, but don't take the time. Wedding pillars are typically found in both the ceremony and reception and are one of the easier items to decorate when it comes to your wedding.


Tulle is a versatile decoration item when it comes to weddings. Tulle can be used to decorate wedding pillars by wrapping layers of the material in a spiral up and down the pillars. Use different coloured tulles to add contrast, but make sure the colours match the overall colour palette for the wedding.


Ivy for wedding decorations can be purchased real or in silk garlands. Take an ivy garland and spiral it up and down the wedding pillars. Fill small spaces with real or silk flowers that are being used in the reception.

Flower Garlands

Flower garlands can be bought in up to 20-foot sizes that are a cheap alternative for decorating wedding pillars. Purchase silk flower garlands with flowers that match your reception. Twist them up and down the wedding pillars in a spiral. Tie small tulle bows at that top and bottom of each pillar to finish the look.

Beaded Wire

Beaded wire is a versatile decoration that can be purchased in large quantities at your local craft store. These garlands of wire have decorative beads that come in metallic and solid coloured varieties. Twist beaded garlands up and down the wedding pillars. These can be left as is or use silk flowers to fill in small gaps so that it looks like the flowers are trailing up the pillar.


Lights can be used as an accent or main decoration on a wedding pillar. Spiral Christmas lights with white bulbs or different coloured bulbs up the wedding pillars. Use silk flowers, leaves or tulle bows to accent the pillars, as well.


Balloons can be for both weddings and birthdays. Fill balloons coloured to match the overall wedding reception, but place flowers or beads inside the balloon prior to blowing them up so the flowers look as though they are floating. Tie balloons using coloured ribbons to the tops of the pillars.


A simple ribbon tied around the pillar at the centre can be an easy decoration. Use a combination of tulle and ribbon to add contrast to the bow or simply tie a large bow around a votive candle and have the tails of the bow trail down the side of the pillar.

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