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Updated April 17, 2017

Swim jammers for men have made quite a large dent in the swimming economy. As fabric for swimsuits has become more and more scientifically engineered to make swimmers faster, body-covering suit sales and use have crushed those of the traditional Speedo. The largest suit a male is allowed to wear for competition is a jammer that covers him from the waist to the knees. Many swimsuit manufacturers create and market jammers for sale. The best jammers are always going to come from the biggest swimsuit companies with the most money to invest in research and development: Speedo, Nike and TYR. These high-tech suits are not cheap either; a high-performance jammer costs anywhere from £32 to £169.

Nike Jammers

Nike is the largest sportswear maker in the world. They sponsor many swim teams, but do not make as extensively researched and well-designed swimsuits as swimming-based companies like Speedo and TYR.

Jammers made by Nike are cheap ($50 to £39), smooth, durable and well rated among buyers. Nike jammers are made of 81 per cent nylon and 19 per cent spandex.

TYR Jammers

Larger swimwear companies like TYR make jammers that are more expensive than Nike jammers because of the use of patented weaving technologies all designed to make the suit smooth, yet buoyant in water. The TYR Fusion 2 Jammer is made mainly of polyester (79 per cent) and Lycra Spandex (21 per cent) woven together in a patented hydrodynamic pattern, and is relatively cheap ($72) for a high-performance jammer.

TYR's more famous higher-end line of jammers is named the "Tracer Series," and consists of two types of jammers made of the same percentages of the same fabrics as the Fushion 2 jammer.

The Tracer-B jammer ($220) is a seamless swimsuit that features a "high-bond" microtape holding the suit together. The lack of seams makes the suit more hydrodynamic in water.

The Tracer-C jammer ($260) is a tightly woven jammer that is designed to compress muscles in order enhance performance and delay fatigue.

Speedo LZR Racer Series

Speedo is the world's largest swimwear maker, and invests the most in research and development of swimwear fabrics. Their LZR Racer series was tested in NASA wind tunnels, and Nike allowed its sponsored athletes to wear the LZR Racer swimsuits in the 2008 Olympics. The LZR Racer jammers are the most state-of-the-art and expensive ($260 for the Elite model) on the market today. The LZR Racer Elite is water-resistant and very tightly woven, using Speedo's patented LZR Pulse fabric.

Also water-resistant, the LZR Racer Pro ($180) is made from the same LZR Pulse fabric as the elite, but is woven differently to emphasise muscle vibration reduction.

The LZR Pulse fabric is also used to make the FS Pro jammer ($180), which is also water-resistant and very tight.

Older Speedo Jammers

Speedo still makes the ultra-tight Fastskin fabric, which is designed to mimic the way a shark's skin flows through the water. The FSII jammer is fits very tightly and sells for £97.

Speedo's Aquablade jammers are still made and sell well at £46. The Aquablade is woven in a manner that makes it very slick when wet and is made of 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent Lycra spandex.

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