Wooden Ice Cream Spoon Crafts

Written by mary davis
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Wooden Ice Cream Spoon Crafts
Wooden ice cream spoons are often used for crafts. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Wooden ice cream spoons are popular craft items. Inexpensive, they can be easily painted or coloured with markers or crayons. The large oval shape on the "eating" end and smaller oval on the "handle end" end work well to form people and animals for a variety of craft ideas. Children and adults can use these flat wooden spoons for holiday, party-related and everyday crafts. Crafts for larger wooden spoons and plastic spoons can also be adapted to suit flat ice cream spoons.

Holiday and Seasonal

Make holiday or seasonal ornaments or magnets from wooden ice cream spoons. Paint spoons white for snowmen or angels, green for witches and goblins, brown for reindeer or scarecrows and black for cats and bats. Draw faces on the larger end of the spoons, and use felt or foam pieces cut into various shapes, such as arms, tails and ears, to create your desired holiday figure. Alternatively, create a bouquet of flowers. Paint several spoons in pastel colours; these will serve as the flowers. Wrap a green chenille stem around each painted spoon and create leaf shapes out of the stem to finish the craft. Turn any holiday or seasonal spoon crafts into ornaments or magnet. Glue a ribbon length onto each figure to use it as an ornament or a magnetised backing to turn it into refrigerator decoration.


You can use wooden ice cream spoons to create miniature bobbleheads. To begin, paint or colour the spoon a background colour for a person or animal, such as orange for a tiger. Glue yarn to the spoon's top as hair and draw a face onto the rounded end of the spoon. Wrap scraps of fabric around the spoon to serve as clothing or animal fur and coil a chenille stem around a pencil to form a spring. Remove the pencil. Glue one end of the coil onto the smaller end of the spoon figure and press the other end of the coil into a piece of cardboard or foam as a base. Glue a magnet or piece of double-sided tape onto the bottom of the base to allow the bobblehead to be attached to a surface.

Jewellery and Accessories

Let children paint several wooden ice cream spoons to use for jewellery. For example, you can glue several onto a piece of yarn as a necklace or write the names of two friends onto two spoons and glue them onto an elastic hair tie to make a "best friends" bracelet. Glue a pin backing onto the back of a spoon and draw or paint a design or favourite phrase onto the front side of the spoon to create a decorative pin. Alternatively, have children braid three lengths of plastic lacing together; tie each end when they have finished braiding. Glue a painted spoon onto each end of the braid to make a bookmark.

Party Time

Make a party game from ice cream spoons. Have each guest write her name on a spoon and decorate it as she wishes. Toss spoons from a distance to try to get them into a bucket; give a prize to each child who hits the target. Alternatively, you can use the spoons to mark each child's place at the table. To make, write the guest's name with glue on a spoon. Sprinkle glitter over the glue and shake off the excess before placing the name markers around the table. Entertain the guests with a wooden spoon craft. Let the kids paint or colour the spoons, then glue on craft items to decorate them as aeroplanes, princesses, superheroes or other party-themed figures.

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