Sunday School Crafts for the Lost Sheep

Updated February 21, 2017

Sunday school craft projects provide hands-on, interactive methods of learning. Jesus' parable of the lost sheep, which appears in both Matthew and Luke, tells the story of a shepherd who leaves his flock to search for one lost animal. This parable teaches a valuable lesson to young people about the importance of compassion and the love Jesus had for lost souls. Craft projects about the lost sheep can be tailored to fit different age groups.

Cotton Ball Sheep

Young children enjoy the soft feel of cotton. Use the time in Sunday school to create cotton ball sheep. Depending on the age group, you can make a template with a sheep outline or you can have the kids draw the outline themselves. Glue tufts of cotton onto the body of the sheep, and use crayons or markers to colour in the background. Draw in the face of the sheep. Next to the sheep, encourage the children to draw a picture of the shepherd who went to rescue the lost animal.

Sheep Name Tags

To illustrate how each child represents a part of God's flock, have the class make sheep name tags. Draw the outline of a sheep onto a piece of white poster board and cut it out. Punch two holes along its backside. If the children are very young, teachers can prepare these outlines ahead of time. Write the child's name across the body of the sheep. The children can then decorate the animals with yarn, paint, crumbled white tissue paper, or other craft items. Use the two holes to tie a piece of string long enough to go over the child's head. Talk about the parable and how the children need to turn to God to avoid becoming the lost sheep.


Have the children make a craft that also serves as a noise maker. You'll need one clear plastic soda bottle, a bag of dry white beans and one dry black bean for every child. Smaller soda bottles, such as 340gr. or 454gr., work best. Instruct each child to count out 99 white beans and place them in the soda bottle. Then add one black bean to represent the lost sheep. To illustrate how easy it can be to become lost, shake the bottle and watch the black bean disappear.

Modelling Clay Scene

Have the Sunday schoolchildren create three-dimensional scenes of the lost sheep being rescued by the shepherd. Give each child access to different colours of modelling clay and pass out a piece of cardboard on which he can place the end results. Encourage their creativity as they come up with their own visual depictions of the event.

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