Fun Dress Up Games for Adults

Updated March 21, 2017

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to stop dressing up. Make a game out of playing dress up with your friends with guessing games and other games that involve costumes and concealed identity. Use these in a party or play with the children in your life.

Make Me a Mummy

Perfect for Halloween, dress your friends up as mummies by wrapping them with toilet paper or injury bandages. Divide your friends onto teams and see who can dress up the designated mummy the quickest. The first team to wrap up their volunteer wins a Halloween-themed prize.

Fashion Challenge

Give your friends regular household items like garbage bags, paper bags, scissors and tape. You can include anything else you think might make the game fun or challenging. Divide your friends into small groups and challenge them to create an outfit using only the material provided. Have each group model their designs and ask everyone to vote on their favourite design when everyone has finished showing off their handiwork.

Who Am I?

Ask your friends to bring over several items of clothing they would be comfortable letting other people wear. Have everyone place their clothing in the middle. Tell your friends they must create an outfit and adopt the mannerisms of one of your friends or a celebrity. Give your friends a few minutes to go through the clothes and make an outfit and then have them model for everyone while everyone guesses who they are supposed to be.

Which Animal am I?

This game challenges your guests to think on their feet. Divide them into groups of three or four and challenge them to use what they're wearing to create a costume representing a family of animals. Have them present their family to the rest of the group without saying anything and see who can guess which animals they have chosen to be.

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