Can a Pages File From an iPad Convert to Microsoft Word?

Updated February 21, 2017

Pages for the iPad can convert your word processing documents to a few formats, including Microsoft Word. It can also open Word documents that you have on your iPad and convert them into Pages format for reading and editing. There are some considerations when using Pages for Word files on your iPad, especially for documents with heavy formatting or precise layout.


Pages for iPad is a scaled-back word processor, so it has limited formatting options. When converting between Pages native format and Word files, you may lose some of your formatting and layout from the original document. Basic formatting such as line spacing and standard indentations, boldface and italic styles should convert, but fonts may change depending on the fonts available when you later open the document in Word.

Working With Word

Pages saves the documents you work on in its own format on your iPad. The way to get documents into Word is to export them, using any of the export or share features built into the iPad version of pages. Tap the "Send to" or "Share" button to select where you want to send the exported file, such as adding it as an e-mail attachment or storing it on iDisk, iTunes or any other supported file sharing service. Select "Word" from the export type options and follow any onscreen prompts to save and share your document in MS Word format. If you don't see the share/send icon to export your document, close the document and return to the basic document library layout. Swipe to bring the document you want to export into the highlighted portion of the screen, and the icon will appear beneath the document. It looks like a rectangle with a slightly curved arrow pointing outward to the right.

Receiving Pages Documents

If you have received a document from the iPad version of Pages and want to open it in Microsoft Word but it was not exported into MS Word format, you may run into trouble. The best way to get it into Word is to have the person who sent you the document export it in Word format and re-send. You can also try right-clicking the document on your computer and choosing "Open with," then select Word from the options that appear or browse for the Word program on your computer. This may result in loss of formatting and garbled characters, however, so use the Word export method from Pages whenever possible.


Each time you open a document in Pages, it will convert to the Pages native format. You will need to use the export process every time you want to save or send the document as a Word file.

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