Ideas for Festival Concession Stands

Updated March 23, 2017

Festival organisers need to make sure that attendees at the event have an enjoyable experience that they want to repeat in the future. This includes providing concession facilities to ensure that attendees have plenty of options for discretionary spending. Vendors with concessions can rent a spot at the festival and be assured a captive audience to whom foods, refreshments, drinks, commemorative souvenirs and clothing can be sold.


The subject of the festival, location and probable weather should all be taken into consideration when deciding what types of concessions will prove popular. For example, if the festival is a "green" event, you may want to find more vegetarian and vegan food purveyors than barbecue and burger stands. Also, if it is anticipated that the weather will be cold, frozen lemonade and ice cream vendors are unlikely to sell many units of product, whereas hot drink and food vendors will attract more business. Try to find a variety of vendors offering wide-ranging food and drink products. Remember, it is important that vendors have the opportunity to have a profitable event, if you want them to rent concession pitches at future events. It is important to be organised, and mark out the location of concession pitches on your site map, pricing them according to the foot traffic they can expect. While you may want to put all the food concessions in one area, try to ensure that vendors selling similar products are not next to each other. Additionally, check that all food and beverage vendors have the appropriate public health licenses to sell food to the public.

Food Trucks

With the advent of television programs dedicated to food trucks, this section of the food industry has become very popular, with trucks dedicated to producing gourmet takes on beloved foods from grilled cheese sandwiches to cupcakes. Since these concessions are self-contained, they can be a very compact and convenient way of providing food at your festival. Contact food truck vendors in your area to see if they are interested in attending the festival.


Some people attend festivals just to enjoy sampling old favourites such as corn dogs, funnel cake, popcorn and candyfloss. Try to find vendors that will sell these tasty, traditional favourites that are synonymous with festivals and fairs.

Healthy Alternatives

Some festival goers will appreciate healthy alternatives to the usual festival foods, which can be loaded with fats, sugar and calories. Try to find some health food, vegetarian and vegan vendors who can sell tofu, soy, vegetable and fruit-based products.

Baked Goods

Cupcakes, brownies and cookies are sure fire winners, whatever the festival. If the event is a fundraiser for a non-profit cause, persuade supporters to bake goods that can be sold at a bake sale concession. Get commitments of items and have them delivered in advance of the event, to ensure that you have plenty to sell.

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