Homemade Cowgirl Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

For a girl who wants to ride a pony or a woman ready to rule the Wild West, a cowgirl makes a great Halloween costume. Along with looking fantastic, a cowgirl costume is also fairly easy to put together, often with pieces that can be found in anyone's closet.


A western style, button-up shirt is all it takes to look like a cowgirl from the waist up. Stick to shirts that boast a bold plaid print, or a plain white shirt that features some western-style embroidery. Shirts with checked prints can also look appropriate for a cowgirl costume. If a shirt isn't quite enough, finish off the look by donning a denim or leather vest or jacket. Decorate a vest or jacket with a star-shaped metal badge, as well as some long fringe along the underside of the arms.


Denim is a sturdy material that holds up while working on the range and looks great for a cowgirl costume. Wear denim jeans when dressing up as a cowgirl. For an even more authentic look, slip on some dirty, worn jeans that will make it look as though you've been braving the elements of the wild west. For women who'd prefer not to wear trousers, slip into a denim skirt. Adorn the hemline with fringe for a the look of a true cowgirl.


Since cowgirls spend their days working the ranch or tending to cattle, they often wear their hair in practical styles. Braid your hair into two braids for a look that goes well with a western theme. To keep the harsh prairie sun out of your eyes, don a cowgirl hat. Alternatively, use a bandanna to decorate your hair: tie it around your head like a headband or use pieces of it as ribbons to tie together the ends of your braids.


A cowgirl costume is hardly complete without some accessories. Cowgirl boots have a rugged look that is perfect for a square dance or work on the plains. Strap on a leather belt with a big buckle to add some western-style flair to your waist. Tying a bandanna around your neck gives the get-up a burst of colour and stays true to the cowgirl theme. For a whimsical touch, carry around a hobby horse or a stuffed-animal cow.

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