Thesis paper about the bad effects of text messaging

Written by jessica benes
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Thesis paper about the bad effects of text messaging
Texting can have bad effects if you're driving or using a lot of abbreviations. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Write a research, or thesis paper, about the bad effects of text messaging by understanding how to write the paper, and then focusing on several key problem areas of text messaging. Texting can cause problems in a student's ability to remember proper vocabulary, spell, write and socialise. It is also harmful to drive and text, and can be expensive to pay for a family member's texting.

Writing the Thesis Paper

In the introduction of your paper, the single-sentence thesis statement should portray your belief about the bad effects of text messaging such as "Text messaging can affect a person's social skills, writing ability, driving and bank account." Make an outline to support this statement, and to organise your thoughts. In the body, present the arguments to support the thesis statement. Address each of the issues you researched about the bad effects of text messaging. Restate the thesis in the conclusion and summarise.

Spelling and Sentence Structure

A new language has developed through the social medium of text messaging. "Because" is "cuz," "are you" is "R U," "laugh out loud" is "LOL," "later" is "l8er" and "got to go" is "G2G." It is possible that text messaging is disintegrating children's knowledge of proper sentence structure. Writing has turned into sentence fragments because of limited space and all the information packed into tiny paragraphs.

Text Lingo Rolls Over

Young people who are constant text messagers might get into the habit of using the text lingo in school papers, letters and speech instead of organised, formal writing. Experts worry that these habits will result in generations of sloppy, undisciplined writing. It can also cause problems in e-mails, when the abbreviations might not be understood. Or the casual language is sent in a formal letter to someone the sender doesn't know well. The informal lingo is inappropriate, in that case.

Text Messaging and Driving

Text messaging while driving has been studied and shown to be detrimental on driving performance. Drivers tend to have reduced reaction to stoplights and obstacles. They have their eyes off the road a good quantity of time and don't always maintain a straight line on the road. Messaging and driving are especially dangerous for young novice drivers. Text messaging can also be a distraction in the classroom for teachers and other students, in meetings and at work.


Text messaging can become expensive. Frequent texters should be sure to have a plan that includes unlimited texts. Even so, some portion of the bill is paid toward these little messages, which wouldn't occur if text messaging wasn't available. If a given family sends 8,000 texts in a month and is charged a flat fee of £19 unlimited on five phones, that's 0.00375 cents per message.

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