Princess cake ideas for a 1-year-old girl

Updated July 20, 2017

A baby girl's first birthday is a momentous occasion for any doting parent. A first birthday cake should be extra special, and a stunning princess cake is the perfect choice. Whether opting for a classic fairy tale castle, a princess doll or a candy crown cake, a princess-themed cake will make a magical centrepiece for a child's first birthday.

Fairy tale Castle Cake

For an extra special first birthday, a classic fairy tale castle cake makes a stunning centrepiece. Bake two large, square cakes that will create the basic castle shape. Place the cakes one on top of the other with a layer of frosting between them. Cover the entire cake in pink frosting. Place upside down ice cream cones in each of the four corners of the cake to create turrets. Cover cones with frosting and add details using an icing pen and candy.

Princess Crown Cake

For a simpler choice, opt for a pretty princess crown cake. Bake a large, round cake and ice all over using pastel coloured frosting. Ensure that the sides of the cake are completely covered in frosting. Decorate a packet of sponge fingers, the kind used for trifles and other desserts. Pipe small peaks of coloured icing onto the sponge fingers to create a "jewel" effect. Press the decorated sponge fingers all around the outside of your round cake to create a princess crown.

Princess Doll Cake

Create a princess cake by inserting a barbie doll into the centre of an iced skirt-shaped cake. To create the skirt effect, make two sponge cakes, one using a standard round cake tin and another in a ring-form tin. Place the ring-form cake directly on top of the round cake, with a layer of icing in between. Place a clean barbie doll into the centre of the cake, leaving the top half of the doll showing. Ice the skirt using pink frosting and candy adornments.

Princess Cupcakes

Another simple yet stylish option for a girl's first birthday is a selection of princess-themed cupcakes. Bake a batch of strawberry and vanilla cupcakes and frost them in a variety of shades. Decorate the cupcakes as princess faces, using chocolate buttons for eyes and red liquorice for mouths. Use icing pens to create extra details like curly hair and princess crowns. Arrange the cupcakes on a tired cake stand for added wow-factor.

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