Wedding Banister Decor Ideas

Almost every bride enjoys making a grand entrance on her wedding day. A sweeping staircase is the perfect place for the drama to unfold. As the bride walks down the staircase, a beautifully decorated banister adds a festive note to this special celebration and will highlight the beautiful bride. Flowers, greens, lights and tulle can transform a simple staircase into an elegant setting.


Ivy is a traditional green used in wedding decor. Strands that are wired together make a beautiful garland. Add roses to the ivy and baby's breath. Use florist's paddle wire to attach the garland to the banister, allowing slack at regular intervals. Use 3-inch wired ribbon to make large florist's bows with long streamers. Attach these bows to the garland wherever it is attached to the banister. Using silk ivy and flowers allows you to make this in advance.

Tulle and Lights

Tulle is the netting material used to fashion bridal veils. It also adds a romantic look to wedding decor. Use a runner of tulle and place strings of small white lights in the centre. Gather the tulle at regular intervals on the banister and secure it with paddle wire. The string of lights should be completely wrapped inside the tulle and not be visible until they are plugged into an outlet. Wire bunches of roses where the tulle is attached to the banister. Make very large florist's bows from the tulle. Attach them to the sprays of flowers to cover their stems. Use LED lights, which have a low heat output and will not be a safety hazard with the tulle.

Tussie Mussies

Tussie mussies from the Victorian Era are embellished cones that hold bouquets of flowers. Craft your own cones by rolling and stapling card stock paper so that it resembles an ice cream cone. You can cover the cones with fabric or embellish them with ribbons. Punch two holes in the back near the top and make a loop of ribbon to hang it from the banister. Fill the cones with bouquets of flowers and trailing ivy. These can be used alone or with a garland.


If the wedding is taking place during the holiday season, a garland of pine, highlighted with small clear lights, is a good base for your decor. Add red berries and wire glass metallic ornaments to the garland. Roses sprayed with clear glitter add elegance to the greens. Wire red glass votive candle holders to the greens and place battery-powered tea lights in the holders.

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