Fireman hats for kids to make

Updated June 13, 2017

Many children are fascinated by the uniforms of public safety officers, particularly firefighters. Create your own version of a firefighter's hat for your child with newspaper, paper plates, craft foam or an old straw hat. You and your child will enjoy creating homemade fireman hats with minimal materials and tools.

Fireman visor

To create a fireman visor, you will need a sheet of red craft foam, a small piece of white craft foam, a small piece of black craft foam, scissors and craft glue. Draw a large oval onto the piece of red craft foam and cut it out. Measure the circumference of your child's head and cut a hole out of the red craft foam oval to fit over your child's head. Cut the shape of a small shield out of the piece of white craft foam. Cut a semicircle out of the scrap red craft foam slightly larger than the white shield. Glue the white shield to the red semicircle and glue this standing up onto the front top of the hat. Cut out two numbers from the black craft foam and glue them to the white shield.

Paper plate fireman hat

For this project, you will need two paper plates, crayons, scissors and glue. With one of the paper plates, cut a circle out that leaves just enough room to fit on your child's head. With the second paper plate, cut an oval that is slightly wider than the hole in the first paper plate. Colour both plates bright red. Cut out a shield shape or any design from the scrap paper plate pieces and colour as you wish. Push the oval plate through the hole in the first plate so that part of it hangs out both sides of the first paper plate; you will have to slightly roll up the edges on the sides of the oval plate but this will help it stay in place. Glue the shield or other shape your child has made to the brim of the hat.

Simple paper fireman hat

Take a piece of newspaper and fold the top over the bottom. Fold the top sides down to form one large triangle. Fold the bottom flap up and crease, flip the triangle over and fold the bottom flap up and crease. Colour the hat red or yellow or whatever fire brigade colours you would like. You may also cut out shapes and designs to glue to the hat from construction paper to mimic a local fire brigade.

Straw fireman hat

Find an old straw hat that fits your child's head. Trim the brim down if necessary to match a fireman's hat. With craft paint, paint the hat red, black or yellow and allow it to dry. Cut out a piece of white craft foam in the shape of a fireman's shield emblem. With a black marker, write the words "Fire Chief" on the shield and glue it to the front of the hat. Allow the hat to dry completely before placing it on your child's head.

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