Signs of a Faithful Boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Fidelity is a cornerstone to the relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Every girlfriend hopes her boyfriend is faithful to her. At times, though, you may wonder about your boyfriend, but there are a signs to look out for that can help assure you that he is faithful. And when you have the feeling of safety and security that comes from knowing he is faithful, you can put more of your own love back into the relationship.

His Eyes Don't Wander

Something many girlfriends find offensive and hurtful is when they see their boyfriends checking out other women. Although it might be in the nature of men to constantly evaluate females for mating potential, it's disrespectful to their girlfriends. If a guy can't control what he is doing with his eyes, it shows that he just might not be able to control himself in other ways around women. But if your boyfriend's eyes don't wander, that's a good sign he can be faithful in other ways as well.

He Doesn't Flirt

One step up from eyeing other women is flirting with them. Flirting doesn't necessarily lead to anything more serious, but the typical girlfriend wants her boyfriend to exchange the sexual energy of flirting with her and her alone. So if you have never seen your boyfriend flirting with others, that's a good sign he's faithful to you.

He's Open and Honest

One sign of faithfulness is if your boyfriend doesn't stammer and appear to be covering something up when you ask him a question, especially if your question is about where he was or who he was with. When people are unfaithful, they often lie about it. Although it's hard to tell when a really convincing liar is lying, the average boyfriend isn't great at lying. Also, if his stories line up --- that is, if he doesn't contradict himself when you ask him the same question a couple of times --- that's a sign of honesty and fidelity.

Your Friends Don't Report Anything Amiss

Ask your friends if they have noticed any signs of infidelity on the part of your boyfriend, or if he seems to be faithful to you when you are not around. This is really only helpful if your friends are around your boyfriend when you aren't. If your friends don't notice anything amiss --- such as your boyfriend flirtatiously chatting up another girl, checking out other women's bodies or any other suspicious activity --- that is one more sign that your boyfriend is faithful to you.

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