Ideas for gift bags for 12-year-olds

Updated March 23, 2017

Gift bags can be handed out for prizes or just as a thoughtful gesture for attending a party. Making gift bags for 12-year-olds isn't always easy. This is a complicated age, as they are growing out of toys and kid stuff, but aren't always ready for teenage stuff either. It's best to make sure you use common party favours that most preteens will enjoy.

Girl Party

If you are hosting a girl party with a feminine vibe, put together some fun-filled gift bags full of age-appropriate cosmetics and bath items. You can either use regular disposable gift bags or take it up a notch and use little make-up bags as the actual gift bag. Fill it with items that 12-year-old girls would be interested in. Some great ideas include soft pastel-coloured nail polish with sparkles and glitter, nail files, body lotions, bath beads, hair ties and clear, shiny lip glosses.

Boy Party

Boys can take a little longer to grow up and it's safe to say that boys never get too old to play around. When putting together 12-year-old boy gift bags, think wild and crazy. Use camo gift bags, or rock-n-roll bags. Fill them with party poppers, confetti cannons and anything that makes noise. Add in a mini flashlight or laser light, a joke or comic book and a key chain.

Mixed Party

It can be difficult to come up with ideas for mixed gift bags, especially for 12-year -olds. It's best to fill the bags with items that both sexes can have fun with, but steer clear of items that are too childlike. Some ideas include yo-yos, bounce balls, pens, candy, and notepads. Another great idea that both males and females would enjoy is a homemade mixed CD. Download some hip songs that you know they will enjoy and burn them on multiple discs for all the male and female party guests.

Gift Cards

For fast and simple gift bag ideas, add various gift cards to the bags. They can be £3 or £6 cards to places like McDonald's, Subway, Starbucks or iTunes.

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