"Elijah & the Widow" Bible Story Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Elijah was a prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible. His encounter with the widow came after he had competed with King Ahab, and his wife, Jezebel's Baal god prophets and won. Ravens initially fed Elijah after he went into hiding from Jezebel, but the widow was supposed to feed him during the period of no rain that he predicted. Yet the widow barely had enough food for herself and her son.

Raven Pictures

Elijah was sent to the widow's house by God after the ravens stopped feeding him. Have children colour the cut-out raven picture template you give them and glue the finished coloured picture onto another piece of construction paper. Instruct children to write in the surrounding space on the paper the different ways they can obey God -- like in 1 Kings, Chapter 17 of the Bible, when Elijah obeyed God's command to go to the widow's house to be fed.

Pancake Craft

The widow was asked to make Elijah a pancake of flour and oil. Provide ingredients for your youth to combine to make pancakes, like the widow did for the prophet. Have an adult cook the pancakes. Activity Village offers a sample recipe on its website. Ask youth to give their pancake to another in the class once cooked and to think about God's promise to provide for them just as he promised to do so for the widow and Elijah. Remind students that God's promise came with a command: to obey him.

Generosity Craft

Teach children about the widow's generosity toward Elijah by having them complete the "Giving Raven" craft. Using flat paper plates (1 large and 2 small) -- as well as glue and construction paper in yellow (for the beak), white (whites of the raven's eyes) and black (raven's eye pupil) -- instruct students how to make a paper raven like the one suggested on the Danielle's Place website. Have students place items in the raven's pouch that a widow in the neighbourhood could use. Encourage them to give the raven and items to her.

Colouring Craft

Ask younger children to colour pages you design or purchase picturing an older widow woman figure, Elijah and a raven. Have them add short bible verses from 1 Kings, Chapter 17 that are applicable to each figure in the story. Discuss Elijah's and the widow's obedience to God and how an animal was used to minister to God's prophet and servant, too.

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