Musical Theme Table Decoration Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A musical theme offers a fresh, elegant way to add a whimsical touch to a dinner party or event table. Look to the bold graphic colours of a staff outlined on fresh white paper, and the lyrical appearance of notes flowing across the page as inspiration for colours and decor. As you plan ways to incorporate musical elements into your table decorations, work them into unexpected locations for a new look on standard sheet music.

Sheet Music

Sheet music is a versatile construction material; use photocopies of songs to make table decorations that can double as party favours or home decor after your event. Glue individual sheets of music together to create a table runner, cutting off the tops and bottoms to ensure a smooth flow of print. You can also use music to make individual plate settings by using clear dishes and setting the music underneath. Other uses include menu envelopes, folded paper flowers, and paper lantern covers for centrepieces.

Place Card Holders

For an elegant table decoration that fits in a music theme, make wire place card holders. Buy a light wire that is easy to bend by hand and sturdy enough to stand on its own when folded. Make music notes out of the wire, wrapping it around pencils to create curved lines. Attach your notes to a basic wire stand and tuck a name card behind them. Guests can take them home after the party for a desk decoration. Consider also making musical symbols like treble clefs or using names of composers, musical styles or genres.

Black and White

If you want a table decoration that fits with the look of printed music, use a black and white theme. For a dramatic look, use a black tablecloth paired with white napkins and white china; for a more subtle approach, use a white table cloth with black napkins. If you want to incorporate colour, use one accent colour in a bold shade that doesn't fade next to the strong contrast of the black and white. Against this background, your sheet music or music note accents will stand out.

Floral Cones

To tie flowers in to a musical theme, make small, cone-shaped holders out of paper and use musical elements to decorate them. You might wrap strips of sheet music around the outside or make a collage of music-related imagery and songbook covers. Insert small bouquets of flowers into the cones and gather the lot together in a vase to make a centrepiece. At the end of the night, ask each guest to take one of the cones home as a favour so that your decorations get a longer life.

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