A Wool Gift for a 7th Anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

The traditional 7th anniversary gift is an item made of wool. A spouse celebrating a 7th anniversary may find it challenging to come up with a wool gift that feels appropriately romantic. A friend or relative wishing to celebrate a couple's 7th anniversary may find it difficult to locate a wool gift that can be shared by a couple. If you want to take the traditional route, however, remember that wool symbolises warmth, comfort and durability; all are important qualities for a healthy marriage and a thoughtful gift.


Scarves, shawls, ties and socks are affordable wool gifts. Wool sweaters, jackets and suits may also be appropriate.Buy coordinating scarves or sweaters for a couple celebrating their 7th anniversary. Boots lined with sheepskin also make a good present, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts or a couple whose anniversary falls in the winter. To upgrade the quality of the gift, purchase a clothing item made of soft and cosy merino wool.

Home Goods

A wool blanket is an ideal anniversary gift since it encourages snuggling together on the couch or cozying up together in bed. For a gift with less intimate connotations, a wool rug or wool pillow adds a decorative touch to any room. Give a wall hanging or stuffed animal made out of wool to add a cheerful touch to the couple's home. Give wool potholders or oven gloves to a couple that enjoys cooking.

Unusual Wool Gifts

An unusual wool gift is a bouquet of roses made out of wool felt. Unlike real roses, wool roses can be displayed forever as a permanent reminder of the 7th anniversary. If you enjoy taking vacations to celebrate your anniversary, stick to the 7th anniversary theme by visiting a country known for its sheep and wool production, such as New Zealand.

Alternatives to Wool Gifts

If a wool gift doesn't appeal but you would still like to give a traditional 7th anniversary gift, copper is another traditional 7th anniversary present. Or, give a modern 7th anniversary gift; the updated 7th anniversary gift suggestions are brass items and desk sets.

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