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Updated July 20, 2017

A favourite game for girls to play is dress-up, since they can become anyone and do anything they want with their imaginations. Girls are especially fond of the romanticism and adventure of playing princess dress-up, and with today's technology, girls can enjoy princess dress-up games online. There are many free and entertaining princess dress-up games on the Internet that allow girls to dress-up their own princesses.

Dress Up Princess

Dress Up Princess is a fantastic website for girls to play princess dress-up. On the home page, girls can choose from over 10 different princesses. Once the girls choose a princess, they are taken to another page that contains a little background on the princess, so players can choose an appropriate outfit. Girls can choose dresses, shoes, hair and jewellery for the princess. Each princess has her own unique wardrobe, which makes for many options and hours of fun for the girls.

Disney Princess Mix and Match

Girls who are familiar with Disney princesses will truly enjoy creating their own. In this game, girls are able to choose hair pieces, dresses, shoes and jewellery. There are also a few animal friends they can choose to pair with princesses. A unique feature of this game is that girls are able to mix and match items from one Disney princess with another, such as Belle's dress and Jasmine's hair. This allows girls to make their own unique Disney princesses.

Barbie Princess Gown Dress Up

Barbie Princess Gown Dress Up allows girls to choose from many dresses and shoes to dress up the princess. This online game is great for little girls who are not too familiar with the drag function of the computer's mouse. Girls only need to drag the item chosen for the princess close to where it will be worn, and the game will then align it. If girls want to replace that item with another item, they can simply drag that item on top of the previous item, and the game will make the switch.

Princess Peach Dress Up

This online game is perfect for fans of Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. games. Girls are able to dress Princess Peach with a choice of dresses, jewellery, hats and other accessories. A unique feature of this game is that it allows girls to dress the princess with other less-formal clothes, such as shorter dresses, shorts and swimwear. Girls are also able to change Princess Peach's hairstyle as well as the foreground and background.

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