Birthday prayers for children

Updated February 21, 2017

Wanting the best for your children, especially during special events like their birthdays, is often the desire of parents. Saying a prayer for your little one to commemorate a birthday is a heartfelt way to wish him well and adds a spiritual element to the celebration that will honour your family values or become significant to the child when he is older.

Prayer of Thanks

A prayer of gratitude for your child's birthday will let your little one know how thankful you are that she's in your life, is witnessing another birthday, and is a wonderful addition to the family. You can say the prayer at her birthday party before the cake or food is served, so that everyone at the celebration will share your sentiments. Let them hear your prayer saying that your son is so kind and considerate of others, or that your daughter is inquisitive and intelligent.

Prayer of Encouragement

Motivate your little one to courageously take on the challenge of going to a new school or embracing the milestones that come along with his new age in your birthday prayer. Thank God for making your little boy friendly, interesting and smart, or ask Him to make him brave and motivated to handle the new experiences of toddlerhood, such as being potty trained or learning to clean his room. A birthday prayer of encouragement is also fitting for your little girl to let her know that you believe in her musical talents or athletic abilities and want this year to be especially successful for her.

Prayer for Health

On your child's birthday you can pray for health and long life for the baby, along with expressing gratitude for the little one's first year of life. Health-related birthday prayers are also fitting for children who have experienced physical challenges throughout the past year, such as thanking God for healing your son's broken arm in time for him to enjoy his party. Of course, children who have experienced serious illnesses within the past year should receive a birthday prayer or a petition that God should protect their bodies in the coming year. As a gift to your child, you can frame the prayer and display it in his room.

Prayer for the Future

A spiritual conversation asking God to bless your child with a bright future is fitting for a birthday. Ask the Lord to preserve your son's health so that he can achieve his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, or to give your daughter opportunities to play her musical instrument for others so she can hone her skills. A prayer for your child's academic success, or simply a request that your little one will grow to be a considerate, well-rounded and socially conscious individual, is an appropriate birthday prayer as well, which you can type and include in her scrapbook.

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