List of beauty pageant questions

A beautiful face, presence and smile is only half of the equation when it comes to beauty pageants. A successful beauty pageant contestant must have personality, charm, and intelligence to win the crown. Even if a contestant doesn't win, pageants offer public speaking experience and the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Being prepared to answer questions and be knowledgeable about an array of current events will help a contestant when it comes to the interview portion of a pageant.


Contestants asked who the most influential person in their life has been should know the judges are probing their values in life. A contestant telling about people who have influenced an individual can shed light on her personality. A story accompanied with the answer to the question can be endearing and heartwarming. Talking about a special time you experienced with that person or a life lesson that you learnt from the most influential person in your life can also be inspiring to others.

U.S. Education Problems

The question asking what problems contestants see with the educational system in the United States often arises. Pageant contestant winners often go to various schools and speak to children on such issues as self esteem and anti-bullying. They serve as role models to young children and because of this, they should be informed about educational issues. Many pageants value education and contestants can even go on to win scholarships through them. Having a well informed opinion on educational topics is important and will impress judges.


Face with the question, "What can be done to encourage others to volunteer?," contestant will know that volunteering and philanthropy work is an integral part of a title holder's duties in many pageants. Becoming involved and showing concern for others is a role that many beauty queens carry out.

Reaching out to community organisations and individuals in need are things that many title-holders do during their reign. In addition to these duties, a person holding this title could influence others by getting them involved. Have ideas in mind on how you would go about doing that or things that communities can do to encourage others to volunteer.


Asked what has been the most significant accomplishment in her life, the contestant will think of the things that she is are proud of or a goal she has worked very hard to achieve. She can explain how she went about achieving that goal and how it felt to finally accomplish it. Even a small, personal goal could hold a very profound meaning. She should talk about this and what it means to her. Because a beauty queen is a role model to young girls, accomplishments and setting good examples are qualities that a title-holder should bring to the table.

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