The Best All-Weather Dog Breeds

Updated November 21, 2016

Among the variations in dog breeds, which can include size, body shape and temperament, coat type can be an important factor. Dogs can have long, shaggy, thick, curly, short or no coat whatsoever. These factors are often influenced by where in the world the breed originated. An all-weather breed is a dog whose coat is short enough to handle hot temperatures, but thick enough for cold, wet climates.

Redbone Coonhound

The redbone coonhound is medium to large dog, reaching up to 27 inches (69cm) at the shoulder and weighing between 22.7 and 31.8kg. (23 to 32kgs). They are a robust breed with thick paw pads ideal for working rough terrain. The breed has an all-weather coat and can deal with cold and wet conditions as well as hot weather as long as they have access to water. A calm, affectionate breed, they are just as suited to being a family dog as being a working animal.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The greater Swiss mountain dog is a large breed, reaching around 28 inches (71cm) at the shoulder and weighing up to 61.2kg. (61kgs). They have a solid build with a thick double coat suitable for the cold Swiss mountain regions. More suited to a cool climate, the breed's coat is not as thick as some breeds, so they still do well in warmer weather. As with all dogs in hot climates, an easily accessible water source is a must.

Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian shepherd is a medium to large dog, around 26 inches (66cm) at the shoulder and between 65 and 75lbs (30 and 34kgs). They have a medium-length, all-weather coat that protects against wet and cold conditions, but is not so thick as to cause major problems in hot climates. The breed is suited to living outdoors, but does prefer to be inside with the family as it is a social dog. If outside on a hot day, water and some shade are needed to avoid overheating.

Bearded Collie

The bearded collie is a medium-sized breed, about 22 inches (56cm) at the shoulder and between 40 and 60lbs. (18 and 27kgs) in weight. The breed has a long, loose-haired, all-weather coat which is waterproof. Bred as a herding dog, it is ideal in cold, wet, windy conditions and its loose fur means it can handle heat better than breeds with thicker, more curly coats. In particularly hot climates, the breed's coat is not hard to trim back and usually takes a few months to regrow fully.

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