Political campaign flyer design ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Political campaign flyers are used to quickly and clearly communicate a candidate's message to voters. Most political campaigns will have a variety of flyers to be used in different areas or when discussing specific topics. Flyers must be well-designed, clear, easy to read, visually appealing and accurate.

Layout And Design

A good rule of thumb for layout of a flyer is 1/3 white space, 1/3 text and 1/3 pictures. Colour is helpful for drawing attention to the flyer, but don't try to mix too many colours on one piece of paper. The majority of your text should be in black ink, with just a few words in colour. Use white or light pastel paper so that the images and words stand out. Choose a simple and clear font such as Arial or Times New Roman.


Political campaign flyers must communicate a message. This could include introducing the candidate and her party, her beliefs on different issues or a record of her past actions and votes. Most election campaigns will have multiple flyers aimed at different voters.


Use clear language to explain the issues. It is important to avoid jargon or technical terms, as these may be confusing to some people. If there are a high number of voters who speak English-as-a-second-language it is even more important to use an appropriate literacy level. Writing for a grade 6-10 reading level is ideal. This paragraph is written at a grade 8 level.

Images And Graphics

Using appropriate images and graphics is important. Avoid relying on stock images or graphics from computer software. Original, fresh images are always better. Photos should show the candidate in action. Pictures of constituents should symbolise the diversity of the community that the candidate represents. Anyone appearing in the photo should consent to its use and sign a release form.

Accuracy And Legalities

One of the most critical elements of designing a flyer is ensuring accuracy. Proofread the flyer. Double-check spelling for names and places. Confirm all statistics and statements are verifiable. You must also make sure your flyer conforms with all legal requirements. In most elections this means including a statement that indicates the flyer is paid for and authorised by the candidate.

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