Types of Arranged Marriages

Written by loise kinyanjui | 13/05/2017
Types of Arranged Marriages
Arranged marriage is common in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. (Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)

The concept of arranged marriages is still alive and well. This type of marital union is common in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In the past, Western societies also practised arranged marriage. This happened in countries such as Britain with the aim of preserving royalty. There are different types of arranged marriages.

Pure Arranged Marriages

This is the most common form of arranged marriage. In this type of marriage, the groom and the bride do not have a large part to play in the marriage. Here, the people to be wed are chosen by their parents. The groom's parents will look for a woman whom they think is a suitable partner for their son. Once the woman has been found, the groom's parents talk to the woman's parents and an agreement is reached. After the terms of the union have been set, the groom and bride-to-be are informed. It is very rare that either one of them decides to cancel the arrangement as this may bring a lot of shame to their families. This marriage usually focuses around the principle that the partners, given time, will learn to love each other.

Love-Arranged Marriages

This type of marriage is also very common. What happens is that the parents of the bride and groom introduce the two. When the bride-to-be is ready to be married, suitors are allowed to court her. They usually have to submit forms stating their likes, dislikes, occupation and other details to the lady's family. The woman then vets the forms and chooses the one most appealing to her. The courting process begins afterward. If the two fall in love, then the marriage is arranged. If they fail to connect, the bride-to-be chooses another suitor and so on until a good match is found.

Child-Arranged Marriages

Though not very common today, child-arranged marriages still occur. In this case, the two people getting married are chosen for each other at birth. This usually happens when two powerful families wish to join as one. If one family has a young son and the other a daughter, the two then decide when their children are legally old enough to be married, they shall marry.

Child-Forced Marriages

Child-forced marriage is different from child-arranged marriage in that children are actually married to older people without their consent. It is mostly girls who are affected by this type of marriage. Some of them may even get married to older men when they are as young as seven. This mostly happens in parts of East and South Asia.

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