Sunday School Lessons on the Crucifixion of Jesus

Written by andrea helaine
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Sunday School Lessons on the Crucifixion of Jesus
Before Jesus was crucified, he was scourged with a crown of thorns. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

In Christian teaching, Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah. He was arrested and tried by Pontius Pilate, then sentenced to death by scourging and crucifixion. For Christians, Jesus' suffering and death represents the importance of atonement and salvation. Sunday school lessons on the crucifixion of Jesus incorporate the Bible passages on Jesus' death, sin and atonement, the involvement of others, Jesus' relationship with his father and other aspects of Jesus' crucifixion.

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Sunday school lessons on the crucifixion should include quotes from the Bible and focus on relationship with man. Sunday school teachers should read about Jesus' arrest, trial, and crucifixion, as well as Jesus rising from the dead. Emphasise such discussion points as the reason for Jesus' death, whether or not he died voluntarily, and why he died.


Jesus died for our sins, so sin and atonement are central areas to address when focusing on Jesus' sacrifice. Discuss what types of sins we commit, the consequences of sin, and why Jesus was one of the few to qualify sacrifice. Examine the reasons that Jesus gave his life voluntarily for us.

Involvement of Others

Discuss how other people were involved in the crucifixion, what roles they played and why they might have played these roles. Sunday school lessons might focus on Mary's role, that of the disciples, Judas or the two thieves.

Jesus and God the Father

After reading the scripture passages on the crucifixion, discuss why Jesus cried out on the cross and discuss his relationship with God, the Father. Examine why he called out to God and why God would allow his son to be sentenced to death and crucified. Discuss why it is important for us that God did not save him.


Those at the crucifixion had different experiences and different feelings. Discuss what emotions they must have felt, such as sorrow and helplessness. Identify different people and determine how they must have felt. Discuss how Jesus must have felt and what God must have felt in regards to his son.


When Jesus was being tortured and crucified, miracles occurred, such as the temple veil being torn, the earthquake, the hours of darkness, and dead coming out of the grave. Discuss the miracles which occurred during the crucifixion and why these miracles occurred.

Christ as King

Discuss why there was a sign put on the cross that Jesus was "King of the Jews" and indicate the charges against him. Discuss how the soldiers mocked Jesus as a prophet and how his death and subsequent resurrection demonstrated that he was the king.

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