Kids' Transformer Party Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If your child enjoys the Transformers movies and cartoons, you can make his party special by creating a Transformers cake. There are several different ways to make the perfect cake for your child, whether your purchase a cake or decorate one at home. In order to find the right Transformer party cake, you need to take into account his favourite characters, the amount of baking or cake decorating skill you have and your budget.

Transformer Character Cakes

One way to make the perfect Transformer party cake is to get a cake with your child's favourite Transformer character. You can match the cake to the rest of the Transformer party theme because there are lots of party supplies available with the major robot characters from the movies and cartoons, including stand-up cardboard cutouts of the character.

Transformers Logo Cakes

Kids who love the Transformers will usually have a favourite team, either the Decepticons or the Autobots, and you can use the logos of these two teams to create the perfect Transformer party cake. You can either choose one cake with both logos or your child's favourite team logo on just one cake. If your child's party will have lots of guests, you can have two cakes with each team's logo.

Cupcake Cakes

Cupcake cakes are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of kids parties, and they can be great for character cakes like Transformers. Even though the bottom of the cake is made of cupcakes, these cakes have a smooth icing layer on top that is perfect for decorating. Kids also love to pull off individual cupcakes from the cake.

Store-Bought Transformer Cakes

If you are short on time, many grocery stores and bakeries carry children's cakes with their favourite characters. When choosing the right Transformers party cake from a store, keep in mind that some stores can airbrush the design onto the cake with edible ink, but some also use plastic cake toppers. You can also get custom cakes featuring stand-up characters or 3-D logos from bakeries if you order your cake in advance.

Homemade Transformer Cakes

If you are interested in making your own cake at home for your child's Transformers party, you can purchase a cake tin. Cake tins are available in the shape of your child's favourite Transformer character or the logo of your child's favourite Transformers group. You can also decorate a sheet cake with a character or group logo and a slogan from the movies like "More than meets the eye."

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