Halloween Costumes Ideas With Blue Wigs

Updated April 17, 2017

Over the years basements, attics and closets tend to accumulate different pieces from various Halloween costumes, like blue wigs. There are several costume ideas that use a blue wig, so get the most for your money and reuse your wig for multiple costumes. Whether you have a blue wig collecting dust in your house or recently came into possession of one, you can create a variety of different costumes by adding just a few details.

Famous Characters

Characters in movies and television often have wild blue hair colour. Marge Simpson, the matriarch of "The Simpsons" is one of the most famous examples of blue-haired characters. Style the wig into her blue beehive hairstyle, paint your skin yellow with make-up and add a red beaded necklace, shoes and lime green dress. Ramona Flowers from "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" sports several different shades of hair throughout the movie, including blue. Don't forget Ramona's giant mallet, aviator goggles and roller blades.

Magical Costumes

Blue hair doesn't look so out of place in a fantasy setting. A blue wig is the perfect accessory to make a witch or warlock costume really pop. Add a tiara and light blue dress to be a magical princess. Add a pair of wings and glittery face make-up to be a fairy princess. Ghosts and spirits are often portrayed with a blue glow around them, so wear the blue wig with powder white make-up and white billowy clothing.

Anime Characters

Japanese animation is known for its unique style and colourful characters. Use a blue wig to dress up like a character from an anime or create your own character. Anime characters with blue hair include female characters like Sailor Mercury from "Sailor Moon" and Bulma from "Dragon Ball, " and male characters like James from "Pokemon" and Sasuke from "Naruto." Create your own anime character by adding the blue wig to a sailor school uniform, karate outfit or kimono.

Science Fiction Costumes

Create an out-of-this-world science fiction costume using a blue wig to be an alien from another planet. Wear clothing in a shiny material and add alien features like prosthetic make-up and antennae. A blue wig makes a dynamite addition to an original superhero costume, especially for a hero with water or ice-themed powers. Dress as a time traveller from the future by wearing the blue wig along with details like a futuristic looking visor, shiny reflective jacket or solid white jumpsuit.

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